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enviada por terr_schmitz

       If there is anything wrong with this tab - or any critisicm 
     please please please please get in touch with me as this is the first tab i've done,  
     i've spent a long time on it and would be greatly appriciated. 

this is any of the bits that require picking. 
    for :  
      the first bar is for the fist lines of the verse. 
      two lines. 

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Am F C G F |-----------------------------|---------------------------| |---------0-1-----------------|---------5-----------------| |----------------------0-2----|------------------4------2-| |---2-------------------------|-------5-------------------| |-0------------------3--------|-----3----------5------3---| |------------------1----------|---------------3------1----| needed chords are: Am F C G F Am |-0----|-3--3--1--0-| |-1----|-5--3--1--1-| |-2----|-5--4--2--2-| |-2--3-|-5--5--3--2-| |-0--3-|-3--5--3--0-| |----1-|----3--1----|
i use F the abbriviated way fist time round cos its easier if you can manage full F then do. n e way: Pick this bit ( Am Phycic spies from china F Try to steal your mind's elation Am Little girls from sweeden F Dream of silver screen quotations C G And if you want these kind of dreams F It's californication. Am It's the end of the world F And all of western civilisation Am The sun may rise in the East F At least it settles in a final location C G It's understood that Hollywood F Sell's Californication) start strumming straight after californication Am Pay your Surgeon very well F To break the spell of aging Am Celebraty skin is this your chin F Or is it that war your waging. Chorus : Am F First born unicorn Am F Hard core soft porn C G F Dream of californication C G F Dream of californication start picking again Am Marry me girl be my fairy to the world F Be my very own constellation Am A tenage bride with a baby inside F getting high on information C G And buy me a star from the boulevard F It's californication Am Space may be the final frontier F But it's made in a Hollywood basement Am Cobain can you hear the spheres F Singing song from station to station C G F And alderaan's not far away it's californication Am Born and raised by those who praise F Am control of population everybody's been there and F i don't mean on vacation Chorus ------ Now comes the solo i've only tabbed the top three strings as these are all you need.
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e|----9----------9^------------------------- B|-10---97--10---7--7-7p5---------5-7^-5--- G|------------------------6-6--4-6--------6- e----9-12-14-----9-12-14^-17-16-14-12-14-12----12---- B-10----------10----------------------------14----14- G---------------------------------------------------- e----------12----14^-12----12----------12-10-9-----| B-14-14-14----14--------14----14-12-10---------10--| G--------------------------------------------------|
this bit returns to picking. Am Destruction leads to a very rough road F But it also breeds creation Am And earthquakes are to a girl's guitar F They're just another good vibration C And tidal waves couldn't save the world F From californication Am Pay your surgeon very well F To break the spell of aging Am Sicker than the rest There is no test F But this is what your craving Chorus ------

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