Caedmon's Call
Caedmon's Call
Cant lose you
So you're gone but i know you're not so far away
You're a call on the phone or a ride on a plane
But that just isn't the same, yeah well

That's ok because i was never home anyway
So now everyone's evolving and i am just the same
As i was ten years ago, but i don't know
Maybe a simple life is more the way to go
Yeah, but then again, i'm mostly all alone

*cause i'm losing everyone
But i know i can't lose you
And maybe my time will come
But i know i can't lose you

Cause the older i get
Well the more that life is making sense
And it's similar to traffic or being president
'cause i'm not the one in control
You grab a hold
I'm just a hammer helping to nail the future down
But it's getting hard making my friends leave town


But maybe i missed the nose right on my face
For what's just past it
And maybe i have the gift that everyone speaks so highly of
Funny how nobody wants it