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Tom Russell

Tom Russell


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Tom Russell - Woodrow

Tom: F

  			    Intro:  G 
     C                 G                           C              Em 
When people twist your words, Woodrow, ah, they'll twist at every whim 
     G                  C              G                   Em 
It's thugs that run the unions now and use your songs like hymns 
           C               G                                       Em   D 
Once, your music danced on women's thighs and the arch of a hobo's brow-ow 
    C                 G                      C          D    G 
Aw, Mrs. Guthrie look what they done to your brown-eyed baby now 
        C                  G                C                Em 
Oh, the trains leave every morning, some go east and some go west 
        G               C           G                  Em 
And the clacking of the iron is the sound you love the best 
         C                 G                                   Em  D 
It's the great escape from railroad bulls and the Coney Island girls 
    C                  G                    C          D        G 
Aw, Mrs. Guthrie, look what we done to your brown eyed boy with curls 
         Em                G 
Sing the truth, scream  it loud        (2nd time: sing it loud) 
    C                  G                      C          D    G          
Aw, Mrs. Guthrie, look what they done to your brown-eyed baby now 
                   (2nd time: we done) 
          C               G                 C                     Em 
All those boxcars full of Chinese junk, the caboose has been junk piled 
          G           C                 G                Em 
And we're all buying groceries now from men with crooked smiles 
           C                G                              Em  D 
You were a drunken, wild misogyneer and your politics were crude 
        C               G                  C       D     G 
As you sat home writing nursery rhymes and drawing women nude 
    C                     G                          C               Em 
And all those politicians breaths stink bad, be they left or be they right 
        G                  C                    G       Em 
And the ones who play with rhetoric are not the ones to fight 
         C                   G                                   Em  D 
Don't go coming 'round here, Woodrow, they'll stretch you from a rope 
         C                 G                  C       D         G 
And your corpse won't ever find a bar where a man can drink and smoke 
Repeat Chorus 
Instrumental (chorus) 
        C                    G         C               Em 
Did you hear the screen door slam, Ma, Woodrow's gone again 
     G               C                G                    Em 
He's writin' obscene letters now, the Feds might bring him in 
    C             G                            Em  D 
But every song he ever wrote is hangin' on the breeze 
          C             G                    C      D        G 
With the laundry in the Guthrie yard full of Huntington's disease 
    C                G                           C               Em 
So, Woodrow, rest in peace, old pal, there ain't nothin' for you here 
      G                C                G                 Em 
We're in the scrub oak country now, the land of dread an' fear 
    C                                 G                Em  D 
And whitey's in the wood pile and the writing's on the wall 
         C                   G               C         D      G 
But your ring of truth still echoes down the Greystone clinic hall 
Repeat Chorus 
   C                                G        C         Em 
So here's to all outsiders, all the ones who could not fit 
    G               C              G          Em 
The troubadour, the prisoners, the drunken Indian 
        C                                      G                   Em  D 
Ah, the circus freaks, the wounded lovers will make it through somehow 
    C                    G                      C          D    G 
Ah, Mrs. Guthrie, we are ridin' blind with your brown eyed baby now 
         Em              G 
Sing the truth scream it loud 
    C                  G                    C          D    G   
Ah, Mrs. Guthrie, look what we done to your brown-eyed baby now 
         Em                G 
Sing the truth, scream it loud 
    C                  G                    C          D    G   
Ah, Mrs. Guthrie, look what we done to your brown-eyed baby now 

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