I Heard Hi'm Come
nível fácil
I heard Him come  (Afterglow) 

                      C      F            G 
1.      I heard him come, I saw his very face, 

       Em      Am         Dm               G    -  G7 
    I wondered who, would come into this place. 

                    C        F               G 
    Where dead men walk, and where the dying talk 

       Em     Am        F     G       C 
    of life before the curse upon them came.  

               C        F                G 
2. He looked on me, he must have felt my gaze, 

       Em         Am      Dm               G    -  G7 
    he came toward me, through the crowded maze. 

            C         F             G 
    And I a leper, in shame hid my head, 

          Em      Am    F    G      C              C7 
    till someone said, Jesus is his name! And he said?. 


     F      G               - C         A 
    Nations fall behind him,      the rivers crawl to find him, 

Dm            G     - C                     A 
    mountains move,       just to let Him through. 

Dm           G               - Em           A 
    Come and never leave him,        just let your heart believe him. 

Dm                  F       Dm            F 
And never let His light go, never let His light go, 

Dm             G         C 
never let your love grow dim. 


            C             F             G 
3. He fed a thousand with one loaf of bread, 

       Em     Am       Dm            G    -  G7 
    I saw him raise a child from the dead. 

             C               F                G 
    He healed the sick, the blind man saw his eyes, 

    Em       Am          F    G        C               C7 
the lame man stood and joyous were his cries,  and he said?+ Chorus 

             C            F               G 
4. I saw his pain as they nailed him to a cross, 

       Em       Am       Dm             G    -  G7 
    I wish that we could understand the cause. 

                 C         F          G 
    He looked on me, as he had once before, saying, 

     Em       Am      F      G    C        C7 
    teach my word to all for evermore, so I?ll say?. + Chorus

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