Chris Carder

Chris Carder

You Came Along
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Intro: 6/8   | C | Am  G   | C | Am  G   | 

Verse 1: 
C                                  Am             G 
Thought I was fine and I knew all the answers 
C                             Am           G 
Sure that I was doing everything right 
F                                     Am                     Gsus    G 
You came and opened my eyes to a different light 

Verse 2: 
C                             Am              G 
Just like a fool taking all things for granted 
C                            Am       G 
Living my life thinking I had it all 
F                             Am                          Gsus   G 
Didn’t know I was so wrong till I heard You call 

Am F C You came along and You wanted to save me Am F C It was all wrong but You made it all right Am F C Am Gave me a hope that I needed but never had known F C G C Didn’t know love until You came along Verse 3: C Am G I was a ship in a storm on the ocean C Am G Lost and not knowing which way I should go F Am Gsus G You shined Your light in the dark and then led me home. Bridge: | F | Am G | F | Am G | F | Am | Gsus | G | © 2001 Too Much Records / Words and music by Mac Powell and Chris Carder

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