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Emmy The Great
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Emmy The Great - North

Tom: Db

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Intro: Db  F  C  C 

Verso 1:

F There's a place I'm gonna leave to F When all this questioning is through Bb I'm gonna set my course to somewhere further North Bb Than my eyes have ever viewed F And though I know that the thought proceeds me F I know that others seek it too Bb But when I get where the needle leads me Bb F Am Well I swear, and I swear, you'll never lead me away again F And in the time when the peace of islands F Was first by human hand disturbed Bb They built their houses and they said obedience Bb Was all the lives of men were worth F And in the shadow of the temperance F They laid boundaries in the dirt Bb And when the door had a narrow entrance Bb F With their hands on their shirts they would pray for the non-believers
Db And there's a place called North Fm And they're gathering there to sing C And I knock three times and beg them Fm But they will not let me in Db And "Oh, my girl" they say Fm "You're the carrier to no gain" C But I lay, what I can, somewhere North of this and F Am Would you turn me away again?

Verso 2:

F And do you go where the needle leads to F And when you get there will you change? Bb Out where the nights are soft Bb And now you go because you think that Paradise should be tamed F And how you live is by a map of humanity F And now you grip it 'cause you think that it saves Bb But I've seen what you see, it looks different to me Bb F I see lights to the shore and all these hearts beating other rhythms Bb Now they die to be born F And all their mysteries are dying with them
Db And there's a place called North Fm And you're gathering there to sing C And I knock three times and beg you Fm But you will not let me in Db But though I love so hard Fm Now I'm the carrier to this gate C And I lay, what I can, somewhere North of us and Bb Fm Would you turn me away again? Bb Fm Db And would these winds would lift Fm And they carry me to your door C And I knock three times and tell you Fm I can't help where I was born Db But don't I love enough Fm Isn't holiness where it forms? C If I take, what I have, to the North Bb Fm Is there room on your piece of Heaven?
Bb Fm Bb Fm Bb C F Oh would you turn me away again?

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