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Fat Joe & Ashanti

Fat Joe & Ashanti

What's Luv

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Fat Joe & Ashanti - What's Luv

Tom: Bm

  			"What's Luv?" 
(feat. Ashanti, Ja Rule) 

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Fat Joe: 
Put the fuckin' mic on 
Mic is on 
Joe Crack the Don uh 
Yeah, Yeah, Y'All 
Irv Gotti 
What's love? 
Fat Joe: 
Ashanti, Terror, Terror Squad 
It should be about us 
Be about trust 
Chorus: Ashanti (Ja Rule) Fat Joe 
What's love? (Got to do, got to do with it babe) Yeah, Yeah, Y'All 
What's love? 
It's about us It's about us 
It's about trust babe Be about trust 
What's love? (Got to do, got to do with it babe) Yeah, Yeah, Uh 
What's love? 
It should be about us It should be about us 
It should be about trust babe Be about trust 
What's love? 
Verse 1: Fat Joe 
Yeah, yeah, uh, uh, woo, yeah, slow down baby 
Let you know from the gate I don't go down lady 
I wanna chick with thick hips 
That licks her lips 
She can be the office type or like to strip 
Girl you get me aroused how you look in my eye 
But you talk to much man your ruinin' my high 
Don't wanna lose the feelin' 
Cause the roof is chillin' 
It's on fire & you lookin' 
Good for the gettin' 
I'm rida  
Other in a hoodie or a linner I'ma provider 
You should see the jewelery on my women 
& I'm livin' it up  
The squad stay feelin' the truck 
With Chicks that's willin' to triz with us uh 
You say you gotta man & your in love 
But what's love  
Gotta do with a little menage 
After the party  
Just me & you  
Could just slide for a few 
& she could come too 
That's love! 
Verse 2: Fat Joe 
Yeah, uh, yeah, yo, mommy, I know you got issues 
You gotta man 
But you need to understand 
That you got something with you 
Ass is fat, frame is little 
Tattoo in your chest with his name in the middle 
Uh, I'm not a hater I just crush a lot 
& the way you shake your booty I don't want you to stop 
You Need to come a little closer (You need to come a little closer) 
& let me put you under my arm like a Don is supposed ta  
(Like a Don is supposed ta) 
Please believe  
You leave with me 
We'd be freakin' all night like we was on E 
You need to trust the god & jump in the car 
For a little hard 8 at the Taj Mahal 
What's love? 
Verse 3: Fat Joe, Ashanti 
Yeah, uh, yo, I stroll in the club with my hat down 
Michael Jack style 
Hot steppin who the mack now? 
Not my fault cause they love the kid 
Ma be the chain or the whip  
I don't know what it is 
We just party & bullshit 
Come on mommy put your body in motion 
You gotta nigga open 
You came here with the heart to cheat 
So you need to sing the song with me 
All my ladies come on 
Ashanti (Fat Joe) 
When I look in your eyes there's no stopin' me 
I want the Thug Joey Crack on top of me (Uh-huh) 
Don't want your stacks (Yeah) 
Just break my back (Uh)  
Gonna cut you no slack (Whoo) 
Cause I'm on it like that (Uh, Come On) 
Come on (Yeah, Yeah, Y'All) & put it (Yeah, Yeah, Y'All)  
on me (Put it on ya Girl) on me (I'm put it on ya Girl) 
Chorus 2 Times 

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