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Jimmy Buffett e Will Kimbrough
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Jimmy Buffett e Will Kimbrough - Wings

Tom: C

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  			VERSE 1: 
C                                         G     C 
I've been up around the stratosphere at 31,000 feet. 
F                                 C                   G 
I'm gonna fly on out of here on wings that you can't see. 
F                                               C                                F 
If you're gonna fly high without fear, you're gonna have to learn to love the atmosphere. 
C                                  G                   C   F  C 
And you gotta learn to use those wings that you can't see. 

C                                         G                  C 
I been shreddin' on the mountains of the moon on a weekend whim. 
F                                              C              G 
I been looking out for life on Mars, ground control to Major Jim. 
F                                       C                        F 
All these things could be yours too if you'd just take another point of view. 
C                           G                    C     
Everybody's got a pair of wings that they can't see. 
Am F G I've got wings that you can't see. Am F G I have wheels on my feet. Am F C Way up high I feel free. F G C On these wings you can't see.
VERSE 3: C G C I don't need no runaway, I got fuel here in my bong. F C G I can buzz at treetop flyer level all day long. F C F Now I'm looking down on tiny cars, tiny swimmers in the water and tiny beach bars. C G C And all because of these wings that you can't see. (Chorus 1) VERSE 4: C G C Maybe if you open up your mind you might learn some things. F C G God only knows what you might find, floatin' on those wings. F You can try to fly away from all your problems, C F Well, I'm here to say that ain't the way to solve them. C G C I can only help you with your wings that you can't see. Chorus 2: Am F G We have wings that we can't see. Am F G We have wheels on our feet. Am F C Way up high we'll be free. F G C On these wings we can't see. Chorus 3: Am F G You have wings look and see. Am F G Silver wings like Merle and me. Am F C Come on up, Cloud 9B. F C Come on take a little taste of freedom, F C High up in a cloudland kingdom, F G C Take a little trip on wings that you can't see.

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