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King Charles

King Charles


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King Charles - Tinkerbell

Tom: G


G                Am                        G 
Tinkerbell came by me, lay on my shoulder wearily 
                    Am                                               G                   
A hard night by the childrenâ??s side, fighting off the demons of the nightâ??s cold tide  
               F                     Am                G              
She was an angel tied to the earth, she was a girl of noble birth 
                       F                     Am                 G  
Besieged by nightmares stolen in the night, the chosen girl to lead the fight 

G                       C       D 
Oh remember me, oh remember, remember me when you go x 2 

G F Am  

  G                      F             Am                   G 
Oh angels knew that the children grew susceptible to demons as they bloomed 
                       F              Am                           G                                    
Time stands still as the angels sing, in slumber she leaves her body for her wings 
             F                    Am                          G         
The passioned battle rages forth, through the night and behind closed doors 
                      F                     Am              G 
Delicate dreams and fragile minds, thrust into turmoil imagining the wild 

G                       C      D 
Oh remember me, oh remember, remember me when you go x 2 

G                        Am                                         G 
Oh as I was dreaming the other night listening to the vampires of furious desire 
                       Am                                               G                             
A devil on my shoulder saw her turn the other way I looked for an angel to keep him at bay 
                              Am                                  G     
And you were there with your soft short hair lying on my shoulder with trouble in your stare 
                          Am                                          G 
You said the demons would never go away and that you had to leave now but I had to stay  
                                Am                                      G 
If itâ??s love that you fight with here is my heart I will give yours and every beating part 
You said that through your travels in all the other lands,  
youâ??ve learned that it is not the conquest that makes the man 
                    Am                                                       G 
but courage in the face of fear, will you stay with me now will you defend me, my dear? 

G                        C      D 
Oh remember me, oh remember, remember me when you go x 4 
G                        C      D 
Oh remember me, oh remember, remember me when you go x 4 
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