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Heal This Home

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Luminate - Heal This Home

Tom: C


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verse 1: e-------------------------------------------------------------------| B----3---3---3------------------------------------------------------| G---0-0-----------X10000---lol--------------------------------------| D--5---5---5--------------------------------------------------------| A-------------------------------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------------------------------| Ooh, ooh, ooh, OOooOOh, Ooh, ooh, ooh, OOooOOh.
Csus2 G5 Its the only thing she ever wanted all of her life, Dsus Csus2 To fall in love and be a good wife. Csus2 G5 They said a vow, and she took his name Dsus Fifteen years ago today. Csus2 G5 Now they're living seperate lives in the same old house, Dsus Csus2 They used to be in love but they've forgotten how. Csus2 G5 It's been so long, the flame is gone. Dsus Dsus Their hearts are beating, but they're barely hangin' on.
Csus2 G5 When you feel like something's missing, G5 Csus2 When your world is crashing down, Csus2 G5 Csus2 When the house you built is falling into pieces on the ground, Csus2 G5 When it feels like there's no way to fix what's wrong, G5 Dsus Love is strong, God can heal this home.
verse 2: Same chords They used to have dinner by candlelight / They used to hold hands and dance in the moonlight / And like a picture in a frame, they thought that it could stay that way / Yeah, they were living in a world of make believe / And they couldn?t see the cracks growing underneath / But God restores and opens doors to the love, to the life they?re looking for // Chorus Bridge: G5 Csus2 G5 Csus2 Sometimes you gotta let go, That?s when love can grow, G5 G5 Csus2 So let the tears fall down, Oh, in your weakness God is strong, G5 Csus2 G5 Csus2 He?s been there all along, and He?s holding you right now WOAHHH
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