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Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs

Days Of Decision

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Phil Ochs - Days Of Decision

Tom: C

  			Days Of Decision 

By Phil Ochs 

Oh, the shadows of doubt are in many a mind, 
Am                    Dm                  G 
Lookin' for an answer they're never gonna find, 
Em                Dm                                   G 
But they'd better decide 'cause they're runnin' out of time, 
    Dm                 G 
For these are the days of decision. 

Oh, the games of stalling you cannot afford, 
Dark is the danger that's knocking on the door, 
And the far-reaching rockets say you can't wait anymore, 
For these are the days of decision. 

In the face of the people who know they're gonna win, 
There's a strength that's greater than the power od the wind, 
And you can't stand around when the ice is growing thin, 
For these are the days of decision. 

I've seen your heads hinding 'neath the blankets of fear, 
When the paths they are plain and the choices are clear, 
But with each passing day, boys, the cost is more dear 
For these are the days of decision. 

There's many a cross that burns in the night, 
And the fingers of the fire are pointing as they bite, 
Oh you can't let the smoke keep on blinding all your sight, 
For these are the days of decision. 

Now the mobs of anger are roamin' the street, 
From the rooftops they are aimin' at the police on the beat, 
And in city after city you know they will repeat, 
For these are the days of decision. 

There's been warnin's of fire, warnin's of flood, 
Now there's the warnin' of the bullet and the blood, 
From the three bodies buried in the Mississippi mud, 
Sayin' these are the days of decision. 

There's a change in the wind, and a split in the road, 
You can do what's right or you can do what you are told, 
And the prize of the victory will belong to the bold, 
Yes, these are the days of decision. 
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