Belyza Valesko   Sir.All

Belyza Valesko Sir.All

Dresses Black
Composição de (Belyza Valesko Arranjo: Tiago Alcantara)
Capo 4 

Am E7 
Today, I going out 
Dressed in black 
My nail are red 
For finally find you away 

F G 
This night  
I waiting to feel 
That priceless thrill 
The heart runni fast 
your hands holdin my neck 
Mixin your fellin 

Am E7 
Wanna discovery your forbidden side 
To see what hidden 
I don show all to you 
Just a mystical look 


Am E7 
I will dance to you  
To attrack your instinct 
Whats I wish (honey) 
You  here, right now 


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