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Corey Kilgannon

Corey Kilgannon

Home Of The Estranged

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Corey Kilgannon - Home Of The Estranged

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Verso 1:

G C Oh give me a home where we aren’t so alone G D Where the black and the white children play G C Where seldom is heard an offhand racial slur G D G And my Muslim sisters feel safe
G Home of the estranged D7 Where the white and the black children play G C Some peace is preferred, let the county lines blur G D G And the preachers hold hands with the gays

Verso 2:

G C Corporate motives are pure, politicians stay free G D Of corruption and work to better our lives G C Liberals beggin for change, politely from the stage G D G The vice president nods and he smiles G C The natives of our land, we so brutally banned G D From the beauty they were born into first G C It’s been 200 years, since that damn trail of tears G D G Yet we still hate them for loving the earth
G Home of the estranged D7 Human life is not a resource to trade G C It is not so absurd, to hear out the perturbed G D G We all see the same things different ways

Verso 3:

G C How often at night, stumbling bodega bright G D Neon lights burn like synthetic stars G C Bums ponder below, spare a quarter or so? G D G Does their wisdom exceed that of ours? G C Pick a blue lotus flower from this dear land of ours G D If it helps you start to hear people cry G C On a child to annoint, or you can lace it in your joint G D G I wish everyone felt just as high
G Home of the estranged D7 Where no one has to wake up afraid G C There’s a love we could learn, that would cover the world G D G I believe it’ll happen someday
Outro G C Cm There’s a love we could learn, that would cover the world G D C G I believe it’ll happen someday

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