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Die Toten Hosen

Die Toten Hosen

My Land

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Die Toten Hosen - My Land

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e|---------3-------------------------------3-----------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------3-------| G|----4/5-------------4/5--2----------4/5-----4/5--2--4/5----------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| e|---------3-------------------------------3-----------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------6-------| G|----4/5-------------4/5--2----------4/5-----4/5--2--4/5----------| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse Am This is the street where people live in fear F G Of senseless crime and poverty Am And the color of your skin decides F G If you should pay the penalty (oh) Interlude Am F Dm Verse Am This is the city where only money talks F G Of power gain and influence Am Where the poor stay poor, the rich stay rich F Dm And we're still told it's coincidence G Am It's the same old sad survival dance G Am That we're all born with an equal chance Dm F G But who could be so blind that they could never see
Am That this is my land F G I can't pretend that it's nothing to do with me Am And this is your land F G You can't close your eyes to the things you don't wanna see
Intro Am F G Am F Dm Verse Am This is a country filled with greed and hate F G And cops on the take are common place Am The next generation are condemned to waste F G By bent politicians and magistrates Am This is a world at war for the liquid gold F G But there's still no cure for the common cold Am We raise our flags and battle cries F Dm In the name of God and national pride G Am And the lie we use to convince ourselves G Am It's not our fault, it can't be helped Dm F G Don't tell me we're so blind we cannot see
Am That this is my land F G I can't pretend that it's nothing to do with me Am And this is your land F G You can't close your eyes to this hypocrisy Am Yes this is my land F G And I won't pretend that it's nothing to do with me Am 'Cause this is our land F G We can't close our eyes to the things we don't wanna see
Outro Am F G

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