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Father John Misty

Father John Misty

When The God Of Love Returns

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Father John Misty - When The God Of Love Returns

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When the god of love returns 
There'll be hell to pay 
                     Bm         D 
Though the world may be out of excuses 
I know just what I would say 
               G        D 
Let the seven trumpets sound 
             G          D 
As a locust sky grows dark 
                Bm            D                       Bm      D 
But first let's take you on a quick tour of your creation's handiwork 

Barely got through the prisons and stores 
                    G              D 
And the pale horse looks a little sick 
Says, "Jesus, you didn't leave a whole lot for me 
          D                     Em                D 
If this isn't hell already then tell me what the hell is?" 

            F#         Bm    Am 
And we say it's just human, human nature 
G                         Bm 
This place is savage and unjust 
We crawled out of the darkness 
D     Am 
And endured your impatience 
G                        G   Bm 
We're more than willing to adjust 
                        G            D  A D Am 
And now you've got the gall to judge us 

A           G        D 
The spider spins his web 
The tiger stalks his prey 
              Bm           D                        G   Bm      D 
And we steal fire from the heavens to try to keep the night at bay 
               G      D 
Every monster has a code 
One that steadies the shaking hand 
          Bm                        D 
And he's determined to accrue more capital by whatever means he can 

     F#               Am 
Oh, it's just human, human nature 
G                              Bm 
We've got these appetites to serve 
F#                                Am 
You must not know the first thing about human beings 
G                        Am     G         Bm 
We're the earth's most soulful predator 
Bm                     G#m                         D      Am 
Try something less ambitious the next time you get bored 

Oh, my Lord 
We just want light in the dark 
        G          D 
Some warmth in the cold 
             Bm               D                   G               D 
And to make something out of nothing sounds like someone else I know 

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