Gregory And The Hawk

Gregory And The Hawk

August Moon
nível fácil
There was only a tab  so here you go! 

Intro- F#m  F#m  F#m  F#m  Bm 

F#m          A 
August moon  made just for you 
D                         Bm 
A steady ready smile like His 
Until it’s out of sight 

F#m  F#m  Bm 

F#m            A 
Don’t undo the true chance that chooses you 
D                    Bm 
Face to face  with a new day 
So simple it seems 
You dare to dream impossibly 
D                        Bm    
Risking in its rarity  I'm bound to it now 

A  Am  A  Am  A  Am  A  Am  D 

F#m                A 
Black and blissful  tumbling 
Awake  asleep  
It feeds me 
F#m                     D 
Fate will rule you  the heart  
                Bm        F#m 
It fools you to lose- your sanity

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