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Hayes Carll

Hayes Carll

Arkansas Blues

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Hayes Carll - Arkansas Blues

Tom: Bb

Capotraste na 3ª casa
       G                            C 
Well I hide behind my guitar like a sparrow in the night 
G                        D 
Hopin' I might fly away anew 
              G                                   C  
Cause they'll love you when you're wrong and then leave you when you're right 
G                             D 
Tell me baby, what's a boy to do 
       G                           C 
Well I came to town a stranger not knowin' how to act 
G                                 D  
Figured I'd hang out and just get found 
G                              C 
Made me some new friends, they climbed way on up my back 
     G                              D 
Been gone so long they ain't comin' down 
C You can kiss the sky good morning G You can say your prayers at night G C Hide your soul way down in your shoes C But it's the same old scene G G/F# Em Borrowed love and faded dreams C D G And you just can't run from those Arkansas blues
Well time is playin' tricks on me, makes me think I'm movin' fast I don't think I'm movin at all And every stranger's face I see reminds me of the past Come on big and leave you feelin' small So I took to drinkin' liquor on the other side of town Way up in those woods, beside the moon Where every graceful dream I had got lost without a sound Tell you what, I can't leave this place too soon Chorus 2: And it don't take no rhyme or reason It don't make no sense at all Just one of those things that you don't choose It's the same old scene Broken hearts and busted strings And you just can't run from those Arkansas blues Well everybody's askin' questions 'out whose side you're on I don't see how it matters much to me And all these midnight celebrations that are ended by the dawn Leave you feelin' low as you can be So I'm leavin' town this morning, gonna lighten up my load See if I can't lose what I have found And it's one drink for the memories and one kiss for the road Aw, look out, I believe I'm Texas bound Chorus 3: California, Oklahoma Arizona, Tennessee I've been all around this land to pay my dues High, low and right behind me Wherever I go they find me And I just can't run from those Arkansas blues
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