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Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Taylor Cifra

Ano: 2003
Album : On and On

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Jack Johnson - Taylor

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           C                        C/B  
they say taylor was a good girl, never one to be late  
 Am              F             C     C/B  Am  F  
complain, express ideas in her brain  
C                           C/B  
working on the night shift, passing out the tickets,  
       Am                  F                        C C/B Am F  
youre gonna have to pay her if you want to park here  
      C                        C/B  
well mommys little dancer has quite a little secret  
Am                          F                 C C/B Am F  
working on the streets now, never gonna keep it  
     C                      C/B  
its quite an imposition and now shes only wishing  
      Am                    F                   C  C/B  Am  
that she would have listened to the words they said  
poor taylor  
C            C/B             Am   F              C  
she(HE) just wanders around, unaffected by  
    C/B            Am  F                   C  
the winter winds and she'll(he'll) pretend that  
            C/B            Am  F             C  
shes(he's) somewhere else, so far and clear  
      C/B             Am   
about two thousand miles from here  
C             C/B                     Am     F  
peter patrick pitter patters on the window  
    C             C/B            Am      F  
but sunny silhouette wont let him in  
C                  C/B                        Am      F  
poor old petes got nothing because hes been falling  
         C          C/B         Am      F  
somehow sunny knows just where hes been  
               C                          C/B        Am    F  
he thinks that singing on sunday is gonna save his soul  
C        C/B    Am         F  
now that saturday is gone  
C            C/B               Am    F  
sometimes he thinks that hes on his way  
          C    C/B  Am  
but i can see   
that his break lights are on  
        C               C/B     
such a tough enchilada filled up with nada  
Am                    F                   C    C/B Am F  
giving what she gotta give to get a dollar bill  
        C                    C/B  
used to be a limber chicken, times a been a ticking  
Am                      F  
nows shes finger licking to the man  
         C                   C/B  
with the money in his pocket flying in his rocket  
Am                     F                C  
only stopping by on his way to a better world  
if taylor finds a better world  
then taylor's gonna run away  


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