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Leroy Van Dyke

Leroy Van Dyke

The Auctioneer

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Leroy Van Dyke - The Auctioneer

Tom: Ab

  			      Ab                        Db 
There was a boy in Arkansas who wouldn't listen to his ma 
     Eb                                Ab      Eb 
When she told him that he should go to school. 
     Ab                                  Db 
He'd sneak away in the afternoon, take a little walk then pretty soon 
      Eb                            Ab 
You'd find him at the local auction barn. 
          Db                              Ab 
Well he'd stand and listen carefully then pretty soon he began to see 
        Bb                            Eb 
How the auctioneer could talk so rapidly. 
   Ab                                Db 
He said, "Oh my, it's do or die I've got to learn that auction cry 
      Eb                     Ab 
Gotta make my mark and be an auctioneer" 
 Ab                                         Db 
25 dollar bidder, now 30 dollar, 30 will he give me 30  
Make it 30, bid it up on a 30 dollar, will he give me 30  
                               Ab    Eb 
Who will bid it at a 30 dollar bid? 
Ab                                        Db 
30 dollar bidder, now 35, will he give me 35  
To make it a 35, a bid at a 35,  
Eb                             Ab 
Who will bid it at a 35 dollar bid? 
   Ab                               Db 
As time went on he did his best and all could see he didn't jest, 
   Eb                                    Ab   Eb 
He practiced callin' bids both night and day. 
His pappa would find him behind the barn, 
Just a workin up an awful storm, 
      Eb                         Ab 
As he tried to imitate the auctioneer. 
         Db                                      Ab 
Then his pappa said, "Son we just can't stand to have a mediocre man,  
        Bb                               Eb                      
Selling things at auction usin' our good name. 
     Ab                             Db 
I'll send you off to auction school then you'll be nobody's fool 
Eb                                Ab 
You can take your place among the best" 
 Ab                                         Db 
35 dollar bidder, now 40 dollar, 40 will he give me 40  
Make it 40, bid it up on a 40 dollar, will he give me 40  
                               Ab    Eb 
Who will bid it at a 40 dollar bid? 
Ab                                        Db 
40 dollar bidder, now 45, will he give me 45  
To make it a 45, a bid at a 45,  
Eb                             Ab 
Who will bid it at a 45 dollar bid? 
So from that boy who went to school,  
There grew a man who played it cool, 
   Eb                                  Ab    Eb 
He came back home a full fledged auctioneer. 
And people came from miles around, 
Just to hear him make that rhythmic sound, 
     Eb                                    Ab 
That filled their hearts with such a happy cheer. 
His fame spread out from shore to shore,  
He had all he could do and more, 
   Bb                         Eb 
He had to buy a plane to get around. 
Now he's the tops in all the land,  
Let's pause and give that man a hand, 
Eb                            Ab 
He's the best hillbilly auctioneer. 
 Ab                                         Db 
45 dollar bidder, now 50 dollar, 50 will he give me 50  
Make it 50, bid it up on a 50 dollar, will he give me 50  
                               Ab   Eb 
Who will bid it at a 50 dollar bid? 
Ab                                        Db 
50 dollar bidder, now 55, will he give me 55  
To make it a 55, a bid at a 55,  
  Eb                            Ab 
I sold that hog for a 50 dollar bid.  
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