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To Sir With Love

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Lulu - To Sir With Love

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Those school girl days 
B7          D                     A 
of telling tales and biting nails are gone 
But in my mind 
B7          D                A 
I know they will still live on and on 
G#             C#m 
But how do you thank someone 
        G#    	             C#m 
who has taken you from crayons to perfume 
B7      E                B7   F#7 
It isn't easy but I'll tryyyyyyy 
If you wanted the sky 
        A                     B 
I'd write across the sky in letters 
         A                      B 
that would soar a thousand feet high 
    E        F#7 
To Sir, With Love 
A                 B7 
The time has come or closing 
D                               A 
 books and long last looks must end 
And as I leave 
B7           D               A 
I know that I am leaving my best friend 
G#                      C#m 
A friend who taught me right from wrong 
and weak from strong,  
that's a lot to learn 
B7                E             B7 F#7 
What! what can I give you in retuuuuurn 
If you wanted the moon 
        A                      B 
I would try to make a start But I 
           A                     B 
would rather you let me give my heart 
   E      F#7 
To Sir, With Love 
Those awkward years 
 B               D                 A 
I have hurried by why did they fly away 
Why is it Sir 
B              D                A 
children grow up to be people some day 
G#                        C#m 
What takes the place of climbing trees 
       G#                           C#m 
and dirty knees in the world outside 
B7             E            B7 F#7 
What is there for you I can buuuuy 
If you wanted the world 
       A                           B 
I'd surround it with a wall I'd scrawl 
      A                           B 
These words with letters ten feet tall 
A           F#7 
To Sir, With Love 
Contribuição: ILMAR S. SILVA( 

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