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Okkervil River

Okkervil River

The Latest Toughs

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Okkervil River - The Latest Toughs

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verse 1 
A              Em                    G                  Gm 
All the latest toughs, you've got to shrug them off or shut them off 
           D                 Em                         G              Gm 
With ten-thousand-time-told truths, you've still got to ask for proof, ask for proof, 
                  A                               D             Em                  G 
because if you're dying to be led they'll lead you up the hill in chains to their popular refrains 
         Bm                                     Em                      G 
Until your slaughter's been arranged, my little lamb, and it's much too late to talk 
     A                 D 
the knife out of their hands 

verse 2 
         D            Em             G                         Gm 
Well, I woke up on a foggy morning. Hiding from the sun, he was hiding from the sun 
       D               Em                  G                        Gm 
But it came out and it shot its rays down. Burning everyone, it was burning everyone 
               A         G               D                     Em              G 
But they were dying, anyway, to turn to ash, to feel their feelings flash and finally fade away 
In a fabulous and fiery display 

Instrumental: Em G D A 

verse 3 
                       Em                             G 
Look, though, I don't know what notes you want to hear played 
                   D                         A                                 Em                G 
I can't think what lines you'd like me to sing or say, and I'm not sure what subjects you want mentioned 
              D            A                           Em                          G 
So pause and add your own intentions. Let's pause and add our own, let's pause and add our own 
                D             A 
let's pause and add our own intentions, right now 

Em G D A 

          Em              Gm 
You were hiding from the sun 

verse 4 
 D             Em                     G 
All the latest toughs, well, we have seen that stuff 
                 Gm     D              Em                       G 
And we have seen enough blood in dying coughs, which means that we have lost 
Gm                          A             G                                      Em               G 
We have lost, and if you're crying to be tossed they'll toss you down the oubliette with all the old things 
             A         Bm                                 E                    G               A 
that You let yourself forget because you'd like to love a star who'd throw you down below the ground 
 he thinks you are 

Outro: D Em G Gm D 

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