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Light Up Ya' Lighter

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Spearhead - Light Up Ya' Lighter

Tom: Dm

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  			The rhythm in the song is mostly played on piano, but Micheal Franti occasionally strums a 
long with a skanky reggae type strumming pattern. Listen to song to get it down. 

  It never makes no sense. It never makes no sense  
Dm                Dm7              Dm                             Dm7 

Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire fire fire 
       Gm                 Gm7                     Gm        Gm7      

Armageddon is a deadly day, Armageddon is a deadly way 
Dm                                    Dm7        Dm                                    Dm7 

  They commin for you everyday, While Senators on holiday 
Gm                                          Gm7              Gm           Gm7 

The Army recruiters in the parking lot, Hustling kids there jugglin pot 
              Dm                                 Dm7                    Dm                            Dm7 

Listen young man, Listen to my plan , Gonna make you money, gonna make you a man 
                Gm                                Gm                                        Gm                                      Gm7  

Bom Bom, Here’s what you get, An M-16 and a Kevlar vest 
You might come home with one less leg, But this thing will surely keep a bullet out of your chest 
So Come on Come on, Sign up, Come on 
This one’s nothing like Vietnam 
Except for the bullets, Except for the bombs, 
Except for the youth that’s gone 

So we keep it on, til ya coming home, Higher and Higher Bb (Power) C (Power) Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire fire fire, so we keep it on Gm Gm7 Gm Gm7 Bb Til ya commin home, higher and higher C Fire, fire, fire, light up ya lighter, fire fire fire Gm Gm7 Gm Gm7
Tell me President tell if you will, How many people does a smart bomb kill How many of em do you think we got, The General says we never miss a shot And we never ever ever keep a body count, we killin so efficiently we can’t keep count In the Afghan hills the rebels still fightin, Opium fields keep providin The best heroin that money can buy and nobody knows where Osama bin hidin The press conferences keep on lyin like we don’t know Chorus Some say engine engine number nine, Machine guns on a New York transit line The war for oil is a war for the beast, the war on terror is a war on peace Tellin you they’re gonna protect you, Tellin you that they support the troops Don’t let them fool you with their milk and honey, No they only want your money One step forward and two steps back, Why do veterans get no respect PTSD and a broken back, Take a look at where your moneys gone seen Take a look at what they spend it on No excuses, No illusions Light up ya lighter... Bring Em Home... Chorus Three Times Goes out on verse progression, while Franti does his thing. Power to the Peaceful!

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