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Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers

Peace Of Mind

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Tyler Childers - Peace Of Mind

Tom: A

Intro A E A E Bm7 E 

verse 1 
He drinks orange juice and vodka in the basement while she’s talkin’ 
E                                                   Bm7 
To someone, long distance, for hours and hours on end 
And as he slowly sipping he thinks about his children 
Bm7                                            E 
And the heart attacks that youngest daughters always giving him 
He ain’t smoke no marijuana since he got on with the railroad 
E                                         A 
And he’s been on with the railroad for a long and loathsome while 
A                                    E 
But the day that he retires he will smoke himself to China 
         Bm7                                    A            E 
He will leave behind his worries as he’s racing through the sky 

E A E Bm7 E 

verse 2 
She sells Avon to her buddies and saves a little money 
E                                                   Bm7 
On the makeup she’s been using to hide away the years 
And she sits and watches TV usually every evening 
Bm7                                       E 
If there aint some kind of ball game her daughter has to cheer 
She sneaks menthols in the morning while her family’s still a-snoring 
E                                      A 
And as she burns the echoes she looks back at her life 
A                                         E 
That heart she broke in high school he’s singin’ on the Opry 
     Bm7                                         A       E 
She wonders what the hell that she was thinking at the time 

A E Oh the days are dark down in the holler Bm7 E Waitin’ for the sun to shine A E On the back you’ve been breaking Bm7 E Trying to earn peace of mind
Isntrumental E A E Bm7 E verse 3 E Their youngest daughter Stella she’s been running with this fella E Bm7 That he can not stand the thought of that he surely does despise Bm7 He’s told her he’d best never see the two of them together Bm7 E But its hard to keep an eye on her when you’re working all the time E There are things he needs to tend to and the bills the bank keeps sendin’ E A Lord the zeros on the end keep pushing further to the right A E Like a freight train haulin’ sorrow and moving ever onward Bm7 A E Through the tunnel of forever towards the never ending light
A E Oh the days are dark down in the holler Bm7 E Waitin’ for the sun to shine A E On the back you’ve been breaking Bm7 E Trying to earn peace of mind Bm7 E Trying to earn peace of mind
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