Burning Sermon
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
You carry the burden as an excuse
To keep the pressure on, so you don't fall off
Seem to love the usual vices, gonna get your fill
So take your pills, I'll see you in the morning!
No one ever comes full circle, welcome to the pity party,
The sign says kill!

Oh the webs you've woven, the lies you've chosen
The love in ruins, this fucking betrayal will bring the truth out, out on the table for all to see
This burning heart is a burning sermon, with whiskey it burns, taken ridden ravaged!

Bedlam, mansions of misery built on pain
Your houses of deceit, wake up, you fucking coward of a man
The line between us has been drawn in the sand
I'm calling you out, out on all your bullshit to date
So hang a light out for me!


This is a call to the throne!