Larry Joe Taylor
Larry Joe Taylor
My Kinda Day On Pa…
Winnebagos and airstreams, all headed north in a line
friends and relations, on a coastal vacation
well I sure hope they've had a good time

There going back to the race, back to the place
they'll come down again there's no doubt
It's the end of the season, makes a pretty good reason
for me to be headed down south

Down to laguna madre, cruisin' over the causway
There's nobody here, the coast is all clear
It's my kinda of day on Padre

7 eleven is empty, there's no t-shirt's for sale
the condo's are clearin', they boarded there windows
There ready for the winds first gale

I guess I'm here because I'm a nautical dreamer
I ain't gotta a boat, so I'll take the isle
Makin' friends with the seagulls, pickin' up sea shells not another tourist for miles



Think I'll see what's shakin' at Port
Stop at Shory's, have me a round
With one ol'skipper, a few bay shrimpers.
They've been talkin' 'bout the fish they'd found

Then the old man raises his glass
and tremble's as he speaks of the pier
Say's, Now there all gone you know, but not to long ago
remember when the tarpon where here

Think I'm gonna stay on Padre
It' my kinda of day on Padre