Chris Carder

Chris Carder

Mile of Sunshine Boulevard
Composição de (Chris Carder)
Verse 1: 
Travelling down the Mile of Sunshine Boulevard 
Seeing things I never dreamed I see 
F                                Am 
Comin’ round a bend, I lean into the wind, 
D                                                 G        C G            
Finding new life with every breath I breathe. 

                                  C                         G                C                  G 
Never believed it could get any better than this, But it’s really only a glimpse 
               Am              C                    D    Dsus D 
When the road is done and I’m finally home. 
               C                   G                   C                           G 
So, I will shout and I will sing and I will dance to the King of Kings 
        Am                     C                         D        Dsus D            G 
And I will rejoice to be travelling down the Mile of Sunshine Boulevard. 

Verse 2: 
Ya better watch on the Mile of Sunshine Boulevard, 
Others will want to take you out. 
                F                                         Am 
Just keep lookin’ straight ahead, you will never be mislead, 
         D                                                           G        C   G            
Keep lovin’ the Lord and this road He takes you down. 

© 2006 Too Much Records.   
Words by Chris Carder and Frank French.  Music by Chris Carder.

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