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Lulu Belle

Lulu Belle

The Old Red Cradle

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Lulu Belle - The Old Red Cradle

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(G) Take me back to the days, 
      When the (C) old red cradle (G) rocked, 
      In the sunshine of (A7) years that have (D) fled; 
     To the (G) good old trusty days 
     When the (C) door was never (G) locked, 
     And we (C) judged our neighbours (D) truth 
     By what he (G) said. 
     I re-(D)-member of my years, 
     I had (G) numbered almost seven, 
     The (A7) old red cradle stood against the (D) wall. 
     I was (G) youngest of the five 
     And (C) two were gone to (G) Heaven, 
     But the (G) old red (D) cradle rocked us (G) all. 
       Rocking, rocking, (C) gently rock-(G) ing, 
       Keeping time with the (A7) tick 
       Of the clock upon the (D) wall; 
       (G) One by one the (C) seconds (G) marking, 
       The (C) old red (D) cradle rocked us (G) all. 
       By it's side father paused 
       With a little time to spare, 
       And the care lines would soften on his brow; 
       Oh, 'twas but a little while 
       That I knew a father's care, 
       But I fancy in my dreams I see him now. 
       And if there came a day  
       When my cheeks were flushed and hot, 
       When I did not mind my porridge or my play, 
       I would clamber up it's side and the pain would be forgot, 
       While the old red cradle rocked away. 
       It cradled one and all 
       Brothers and sisters in it lay, 
       And it gave me the sweetest rest I've known; 
       But tonight the tears will flow, 
       And I'll let them have their way, 
       For the passing years are leaving me alone. 
       By my mother it was rocked 
       When the evening meal was laid, 
       And again I seem to see her as she smiled; 
       When the rest were all in bed 
       It was then she knelt to pray, 
       By the old red cradle and her child. 

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