Bear Me Again

Bear Me Again

Composição de (Bear Me Again)
F             C        F            C 
When tomorrow comes, I hope you recognize  
    F               C          G 
My youthful soul beneath the wrinkles on my lips 
     F           C        F               C 
And even if I'm blind, or too numb to perceive 
F             C          G 
I know you'll always be looking out for me 

            Am    C               G 
And I'll be wondering if the last time we were alone 
         Am        C          G 
Made you wish we'd be alone again 

       F             C        F            C 
Cause since I was a kid, I've had so many dreams 
    F                  C       G 
And I've been working hard to see them come to pass 

    F             C           F                 C 
Now I have lost count of the futures that I've missed 
 F                    C             G 
When they showed themselves in the present in front of me 

       Am      C             G 
Honey, I can't wait for the road ahead of us 
      Am                     C              G 
But I won't make the same mistake, not with you 

C                E7    F 
  Cause, darling, I am here 
    C             G            C 
And I'm yours and time is ours now 
E7       F      C             G 
I won't waste another second waiting for 
The future to come around 

F             C         F  C 
On the 8th of March, in 2062 
 F             C            G             C 
Kiss me and remind me of my 50 years with you

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