Bill Sulton

Bill Sulton

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C                    G                   C 
Let's be xenophobic! It's really in this year 
                                G        C 
Let's find a nasty, slimy, ugly alien to fear 
F                      C             G            C 
There's no more cutesy stories 'bout E.T. phoning home 
F                       C                   G                     C 
Let's learn to love our neighbors, like the Christians learned in Rome! 
                                      G              C 
We know we ought to hate 'em; they're different, you see 
                                    G          C 
We've seen they're mean and ugly on movies and TV 
    F                   C                 G               C 
The folks that ought to know have told us how it's got to be 
    F               C               G              C 
The gospel truth is found in scenes from Alien and V 

                                       G        C 
Let's wipe out any lifeform that seems to be a threat 
We'll serve 'em up a genocide they never will forget 
       F            C               G              C 
'Cause if we miss a couple, they'll breed a couple more! 
    F                 C               G        C 
And soon we'll all be hating twice as many as before 

                                        F          C 
You see, aliens can never be as good as humankind 
              F        C            G 
A more delightful race than us you'll never, ever find 
   F               C               G                C 
So step aside, you star slime, we're ready for your worst! 
                             F              C 
We know you want to beat us, enslave us and defeat us 
 F              C          G                       C 
Oppress us and browbeat us, unless we get you first!

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