Chris Carder

Chris Carder

Go (a Day In Life)
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Go (A Day in Life) 

Intro:  Am   Am/G  Am/F#  F  Esus E 

Verse 1: 
Am                       Am/G      
Silhouette of trees as the sun lays down 
Am/F#                              F                 Esus  E      
Rabbits play chase on an empty playground 
Am                       Am/G      
Streetlights flicker on, a small town goes to sleep  
Am/F#                              F                 Esus  E      
Little children say, “I pray my soul You’ll keep.” 

G                                             Am                               
And as our lives move on and on 
G                                    Am                   G 
One day the Father will look to the Son and He’ll say, 
C      G          Dm   G-C-G   C           G                                Dm   G-C-G       
“Go, quickly Son,                 it’s time to bring Your people home. 
C      G        Dm    Esus  E                        Am 
Go, quickly Son,              and bring them home. 

Verse 2: 
Am                                  Am/G      
Teenage sweethearts play on her front porch  
Am/F#                                    F                 Esus  E      
Silly games that come from young love’s torch 
Am                                   Am/G        Am/F#                                    F        Esus  E      
Her daddy reads the paper in the den while her momma tucks her brother in….. 

F                                               Cmaj7       C 
Can’t you see the earth as she moans and groans 
F                                     Cmaj7  C 
Water ‘s broke and labor has begun 
F                               Cmaj7   C     Dm                 Dm/C                Esus              E 
We got to set our eyes to the sky     ‘cause our redemption draws nigh…….. 

© 1992 Too Much Productions.  Words and music by Chris Carder.

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