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Lonesome River Band

Lonesome River Band

Carolyn The Teenage Queen

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Lonesome River Band - Carolyn The Teenage Queen

Tom: G

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G                         C              G 
When I was pushing thirty she was in her teens 

                         C              G 
Oh how she loved me this pretty teenage queen 

                               C               G 
But a few years after marriage she loved me no more 

                                 C             G 
When I was pushing forty she was barely twenty four 

D7                         C                 G 
Then the trouble started between Carolyn and me 

D7                          C                D7 
I was satisfied at home but she longed to be free 

     G                                    C                  G 
Been searching for that something and the pastures looked so green 

                            C                   G 
Through the eyes of Carolyn Carolyn the teenage queen 

                                 C                 G 
Each day her love grew colder at night she'd go to town 

                  C                   G 
Gossip came to me Carolyn was running round 

                                C               G 
I didn't want to believe it but knew it must be true 

                                C                G 
I couldn't stand to lose her so knew what I must do 

D7                        C            G 
Carolyn I was thinking as I cleaned my gun 

D7                               C                  D7 
Go out and have a good time it's your last night of fun 

       G                          C            G 
Twelve o'clock one o'clock till a quarter till two 

                                   C              G 
I'm still burning the midnight oil waiting up for you 

                               C                    G 
Car pulled in the driveway the man wore a badge and gun 

                                  C                  G 
Said you got a wife named Carolyn I think you better come 

                              C                   G 
In a wreck out on the highway she'd met her final end 

                                          C               G 
I stared in her face so deathly white she cheated me once again 

D7                            C                  G 
Each night I think of Carolyn laying beneath the soil 

D7                                   C                 D7 
Each night my mind grows weaker as I burn the midnight oil 

   G                                       C                G 
My mind has thoughts of her bad sides that my heart's never seen 

                                C                   G 
I'm still in love with Carolyn Carolyn the teenage queen 

                               C                   G 
I'm still in love with Carolyn Carolyn the teenage queen 

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