Abe Partridge

Abe Partridge

Turn The Volume Down
nível iniciante

D G D A D 

[Verso 1]
D The people howl, the sirens scream G D The traffic jam is on every street A D As a songbird sings his song so proud A D but you won't hear it til you turn the volume down Instrumental D G D A D
[Verso 2]
D He tried to tell her just how he felt G D But he said his heart died back in Vietnam A D Now he buries it deep beneath a stony frown A D But she still hears it beat when she turns the volume down Instrumental D G D A D
[Verso 3]
D There ain't no reason, there ain't no rhyme G D But be still with me brother and we will find our God A D And I can't help but wonder if we'd hear the sound A D Of angel wings when we turn the volume down Outro D G D A D

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