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Stick Figure

Stick Figure

Smiles On Faces

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Stick Figure - Smiles On Faces

Tom: B

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Intro: B  E  

verse 1 
B                                             E 
What puts a smile on your face? Tell me the truth 
B                                            E 
What really makes you happy? What makes you move? 
Never giving up when life gets too hard. Right around the corner is a brand new start 
Feels like we’re riding on a roller coaster; We getting so far, we not getting closer 
Life is all about the up and down. Take your medicine, stop falling around 
Never take yourself too seriously. Laugh with the world, let live and be free 
Why don’t more people try to take life slow? Why is everyday so impossible? 
When I speak my mind I tell no lies. Once upon a time I laughed so hard I cried 
Doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. As long as you live your life and you feel happy 
What don’t hold you down will make you strong. Come on everybody, won’t you sing this song. 

B Smiles on faces, we’re putting smiles on faces E Smiles on faces, we’re putting smiles on faces
verse 2 B It’s a long road and it’s taken me home. Been a long day, still got a ways to go E I don’t feel like we’re getting older, I feel so alive but we’re that much closer B Keep pushing on when the times get tough and even if the storm comes, the waves get rough E Our love is greater than the deep blue sea. What’s going around, it’s coming around, it’s following me B Ain’t it funny how things fall in place sometimes. Your shadow follows you when the sun don’t shine E Some people spend their whole life living in their head, and I say listen to your heart instead B Keep searching for a lifetime waiting for a sign. Something gives me hope that we’ll be alright E If all the girls in the world were living across the sea what a wonderful swimmer yes you know that I would be B E In a world gone crazy, you’re smile has saved me. B E When everything changes, I know we’re gonna make it
B Smiles on faces, we’re putting smiles on faces E Smiles on faces, we’re putting smiles on faces
Bridge F# E B Outro B Smiles on faces, we’re putting smiles on faces E Smiles on faces, we’re putting smiles on faces

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