Arabian Nights
Composição de (Alan Menken, Bejn Pasek e Justin Paul)
Gm                    Db   
Oh, imagine a land, it's a far away place 

          Cm             Gm 
Where the caravan camels roam 

          Bbm                 Cm 
Where you wander among  every culture and tongue 

        D7                 Gm 
It's chaotic but hey, it's home 

         Eb                           Gm 
When the wind's from the east and the sun's from the west 

        Eb                   D7sus4 
And the sand in the glass is right 

D7      Gm                      A 
Come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly 

     D7            Gm 
To another Arabian night... 

       Gm                              A/G 
As you wind through the streets at the fabled bazaars 

         D7/F#              Gm 
With the cardamom-cluttered stalls 

         Bbm                       C/Bb 
You can smell every spice while you haggle the price 

       D7(9b)                 Gm 
Of the silks and the satin shawls 

        Em                      Gm 
Oh, the music that plays as you move through a maze 

       Eb                  D7sus4   D7 
In the haze of your pure delight 

        Gm                         A 
You are caught in a dance, you are lost in the trance 

    D7             Gm 
Of another arabian night... 

        Gm       Bbm               Gm       Bbm 
Arabian nights        like arabian days 

                Em       Bm          Em 
More often than not, are hotter than hot 

     C7          B 
In a lot of good ways 

        Em       Gm               Em       Gm 
Arabian nights       Like Arabian dreams 

              Gm      Dm        Gm 
This mystical land of magic and sand 

   Eb            D 
Is more than it seems 

There's a road that may lead you to good or to greed through 

The power your wishing commands 

Let the darkness unfold or find fortunes untold 

           Gm      Eb           D7 
Well, your destiny lies in your hands 

Only one may enter here... One whose worth lies far within, 

A diamond in the rough! 

        Em     Gm              Em   Gm 
Arabian nights    Like Arabian days 

                Em       Bm          Em 
They seem to excite, take off and take flight 

     C7          B 
To shock and amaze 

         Gm       Bbm 
Arabian nights  
               Gm       Bbm 
'Neath Arabian moons  
              Gm           Dm7           Gm 
A fool of his guard, could fall and fall hard  
    Eb      D7   Gm 
Out there on the dunes

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