Bill Chambers

Bill Chambers

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[Intro: ]Am

Am                               G 
Theres a big yellow moon and its risin tonight 
On a world that'll never be the same 
Am                         G  
Youe sad brown eyes shed a tear you can't hide 
F                            Am 
And your soul so filled with pain  
Am                              G 
Yor best friend is gone and you feel so alone 
Every night when the blues come around 
Am                             G 
Like a lost little girl youre heads in a whirl 
And your heart in the cold cold ground 

C G Theresa come over ill hold you tonight F G Am i miss your kiss and your smile C G Your world stopped turning when it turned upside down F G Am Theresa stay here a while Am G There's a half empty bottle up there on the shelf Am And a shattered life on your floor Am G You whiskeyed your mind just to buy you some time F G Am After night you can't take any more CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL: Am G Am F CHORUS F G Am Theresa stay here a while x2

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