nível fácil
Capo 5

Intro: Am, C, Am, C 

Am                              C      Am                     Em 
        Two blocks down on the corner, the crowd is beginning to gather now to  
                Dm                              C              E 
watch the scene unfold, and already a man is instructing them now to please just go  
        Am      C      Am     C 
back home. 
Am                                      C   Am                                Em      
        The thoughts are not of the family, the stands are shaking and moaning as the  
                  Dm                                       C         E 
workers clean the street. Their eyes are all locked on the motionless form beneath  
                Am      C   
the thin white sheet. 

         F           Am                    C   F               Am 
Thinking she… had to be, no different than me. Please… hold my peace, depends on  
        E                  F                                G  
the secrets of while these bones, the servers are home for a moment and after that  
                Am      C      Am     C 
we just don’t know 
Am                              C      Am                     Em              
        I am the son of the offspring, the sun has come to the bodies and now im  
                Dm                      C              E              Am 
stuck here in my own, hoping to god that I wont be stuck forever in this soul, in this  
C               Am             C      Am, C, Am, G, E, A 
soul, in this soul, ah this soul…

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