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Hayes Carll

Hayes Carll

Lost And Lonely

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Hayes Carll - Lost And Lonely

Tom: D

  			     D               G    A                       D 
It's hard to write a song when your three-fourths gone 
    D                G             A 
And Crazy Legs keeps pickin' on my guitar  
G                 A          D                 Bm 
I try to clear my head and reflect on what she said 
        G            D        G               A  
But the only thing reflectin' seems to be the bar 
A shot of bourbon never hurt no one 
So I reckon two couldn't do no harm 
Well I know my eyes are red and I'm a little bit underfed 
But baby please believe me that ain't cause for no alarm 
G A D Bm I'm pleased to meet you, my name is lost and lonely G D A That's spelled with one L not two G A D Bm And don't you think you could be my one and only G D G A Baby just long enough for me to make love to you
So tell me what do you see standin' in front of thee Oh yes I get poetic when I've had a few But lord I swear it's hard when you've been dealt all your cards And the only thing you've ever known you done forgotten how to do So let's pour another round for dreams we never found And laugh until the tears fall from our face And when they finally send me home, I can't make that walk alone There's just too many memories another time, another place Chorus
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