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Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg

Full English Brexit

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Billy Bragg - Full English Brexit

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Am Am G D 

verse 1 
   G                             D 
My neighbours don't drink at the local 
        G                          D 
Or have kippers for breakfast like me 
    Am                           Em 
The food that they eat smells disgusting 
       Am                       D 
They'd rather drink coffee than tea 

verse 2 
     G                          D 
It's true that their kids are respectful 
     G                         D 
They gave me their seat on the bus 
         Am                        Em 
But it's just that there's so many of them 
       Am                       D 
That I fear what will become of us 

verse 3 
        Em            B 
I'm not racist, all I want is 
   C                            G  D 
To make things how they used to be 
    Em        B 
But change is strange and 
C                     G  D 
Nobody's listening to me 

verse 4 
  G                             D 
I cheered when our side won the Cold War 
       G                      D 
Spread freedom and peace all around 
            Am                        Em 
Now there's folks speaking Russian in Tesco's 
       Am                         D 
It's a shame the wall had to come down 

Verse 5 
  G                          D 
I know some are fleeing from war zones 
   G                              D 
To keep their young children from harm 
       Am                             Em 
But my parents stayed put through the Blitz years 
    Am                  D 
And me? I was sent to a farm 

Verse 6 
         Em              B 
Yeah the sun shines, but sometimes 
        C                        G   D 
I don't feel like this is my country 
    Em         B 
But to say so? Oh no 
  C                 G   D 
I never get no sympathy 

Verse 7 
G                     D 
Once we ruled over an empire 
      G                         D 
So it feels like some kind of defeat 
      Am                         Em 
To comply with rules drawn up by strangers 
    Am                    D 
And measure in metres not feet 

Verse 8 
   G                       D 
We don't want to go but by Jingo 
      G                           D 
If we can't be in charge, then we must 
    Am                      Em 
But don't be offended, dear neighbour 
         Am                     D 
It's not you: this is all about us 

Verse 9 
         Em       B 
But it's alright, alright 
  C                      G  D 
I think I've found a remedy 
         Em                B 
Yes it's alright, gonna be alright 
       C                       G  D 
It's a Full English Brexit for me 

Em B C G D 

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