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Chris LeDoux

Chris LeDoux

The Bucking Machine

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Chris LeDoux - The Bucking Machine

Tom: G

Capotraste na 3ª casa

Intro: G C D G G 

verse 1 
G                                 C 
I've rode lots of horses and I've won a few shows 
D                     G 
Ridin' broncos at the big old rodeos 
        G                     C 
But the dang-dest contraption that I've ever seen 
        D                                    G 
Is that bucket of bolts called a buckin' ma- chine 

verse 2 
    G                              C 
The kids they were all lined up to give the thing a go 
    D                             G 
And when I first saw it, lord, it looked pretty slow 
It jumped and it kicked then it turned back and twirled 
     D                                G 
Then I got to thinkin' I'll give it a whirl 

C G So I pushed through the crowd and I talked to the man D G Who had invented this here modified garbage can C G I said I'm a twister, and one of the best D G I'm a wolf of the world, boys, I must con- fess
verse 3 G C I'll bet you a hundred, I said with a grin D G I'll spur it so hard its sides will cave in C And the bolts and the screws that hold the dang thing together D G Will fall down inside it there and short out it motor verse 4 G C Well, the man, he said, "Son, I'll take that bet, D G And I won't turn it on 'til you think that you're set" C So I got my riggin' and I cinched it on down D G Then I said to old Sam, "Go ahead and turn it on"
C G Well, it rattled and it groaned, then it started to move D G I spurred it every jump, and, Lord, it fell mighty smooth C G The foam rubber was a flyin' right off of its old neck D G And the tin underneath, it was startin' to crack
Harmonica solo G C D G G Verse 5 G C I looked at the man and I started to say D G I'll win me that hundred for the end of the day C Then he grabbed a big ol' lever with a little sly grin D G Jammed it up to high gear and locked it right on in
C G With a snatch and a jerk and a sharp stabbin' pain D G I felt like a hobo tied to an old freight train C G My head, it went to poppin' and I saw all the stars D G The Big Dipper, The Milky Way, The planet they call Mars
Verse 6 G C The next thing I knew I was right there on the ground D G Just a- bout thirty feet away from that laughin' crowd C So I paid up my hundred and I limped on away D G And the words the man said, I still remember today
C G So you're a wolf of the world and a real tough twister D G Well listen real close to some good advise Mister C G Keep a ridin' them old broncos, if you're still feelin' mean D G C D G But you'd better keep clear of Sam's buckin' ma- chine
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