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Chris LeDoux

Chris LeDoux

The Bull Rider

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Chris LeDoux - The Bull Rider

Tom: C

C                               F 
I was sittin' in a bar room one rainy afternoon 
        C                         F 
Tellin' stories about a rodeo and listenin' to a tune 
    C                             F 
The rodeo starts tomorrow in this one horse town 
   G7                      F               C 
So Bill took our names and put our entries down 
C                              F 
I went to the rodeo office the next day to see 
     C                           F 
What bareback horse I had and to pay my fees 
  C                             F 
I looked across the list but my name wasn't to be found 
  G7                              F             C 
I thought Bill just might have forgot to put me down 
C                               F 
I looked across the board and I happened to find 
   C                                     F 
My name was on another list I was in the bull ridin' 
   C                           F 
My knees began to knock and my face began to sweat 
      G7                       F            C 
And I heaved and gagged on the rodeo office step 
C                          F 
Well I may be a fool but a coward I'm not 
     C                                  F 
So I borrowed myself a bull rope with a bell in the knot 
  C                                 F 
I walked into the arena with them other bull ridin' fools 
  G7                         F                C 
I walked down the chutes and finally found my bull 
C                         F 
Then I put my rope in the middle of his back 
    C               F 
And had some cowboy pull up the slack 
       C                          F 
Then I wrapped the tail around my hand and back 
         G7                         F            C 
And said boys open that gate just a little bitty crack 
C                          F 
Well the bull hit the gate with his head 
            C                          F 
And I could see over his hump that his eyes were red 
   C                              F 
He bailed out of there with a big snort and beller 
    G7                  F             C 
And something inside me told me I was yeller 
C                                     F 
Well the dust and hair and flies from off of his hump 
    C                     F 
Did wisk to my nose as he made another jump 
        C                   F 
And the stink of it all was more than I could stand 
     G7                 F            C 
So I jerked my wrap and opened up my hand 
C                                     F 
Well he jumped in the air and he made one more turn 
           C                            F 
And as the rope slid through my hand it sure did burn 
   C                   F 
He flung me down in a great big heap 
     G7                        F      C 
Then right in the middle of me he did leap 
no chord    C             F 
With his feet in my belly a standin' in place 
     C                        F 
That dirty filthy old bull blew snot in my face 
        C                        F 
So them damned old bulls you can run'em in a chute 
    C                      F 
And put your ropes on them big galloots 
        C                                     F 
But the closest you're gonna find me to their stinkin' hair 
      G7                       F            C 
Is to help some other fool get flung in the air 
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