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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A Diagnosis

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - A Diagnosis

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  verse 1 
B                               Bsus2 
For almost 30 years, I've known something was wrong 
But Mom said weakness causes bloating, so I tried to be strong 
E                                          F# 
Fake it till you make it, that's how I got by 
B                                          Bsus2       B 
And when I tried to find the reason for my sadness and terror 
B                      Bsus2     B 
All the solutions were trial and error 
E                                                  F# 
Take this pill, say this chant, move here for this guy 
    G#m         E       B     F# 
But now there's no need for regret 
       G#m       E  F# 
'Cause I'm about to get 
Chorus B A diagnosis! E A diagnosis! G#m E Don't tell me "No, sis- F# Ter, you don't fit in." B E Doc, prescribe me my tribe, give me my throng F# G#m Tell me that this whole time I've belonged E F# B With those other people who share my diagnosis
verse 2 B What could it be? What could be right? B Schizophrenic or bipolar lite? E F# I've never heard voices, but maybe it's time to start N.C. You're super cool, Rebecca Thanks!
Chorus B Obsessives with numbers, hoarders with cats B I could really rock a tinfoil hat E F# Perfect they're not, but at least they know who they are G#m E B F# No more bad pills, fads, or tricks G#m E F# Who says there isn't an easy fix?
Chorus B With a diagnosis! E I'm ready to blow this G#m E F# Joint, and by "joint," I mean my inner sense of confusion N.C. You said that confusingly Shhh! B E I'm aware mental illness is stigmatized F# G#m But the stigma is worth it if I've realized E F# B Who I'm meant to be, armed with my diagnosis
verse 4 D#m E Oh, the doctors that I've met who didn't get me! D#m E This one naturopath used feathers to pet me C#m G#m They said anxiety, insomnia were my affliction C#m G#m The naturopath said it was sex addiction C#m B But all those things I knew I wasn't E F# Yes, I like penises, but who doesn't? Verse 5 C#m B So put me in a bottle, slap a label on E F# List out the side effects, then worries be gone C#m D#m E F F# 'Cause finally I'll know this B My diagnosis!

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