Ginny Owens
G Am (x3)  C 

    G                    Am 
(v1) Turning mole hills into mountains 
 G                           Am 
making big deals out of small ones 
G               Am 
bearing gifts as if they're burdens 
this is how it's been 
(v2)fear of coming out of my shell 
too many things i can't do too well 
'fraid i'll try real hard and i'll fail 
this is how it's been 
A                                              Am        D 
till the day You pounded on my hearts door 
A                                      Am                      D 
and You shouted joyfully,  you're not a slave anymore! 
G             Am  C 
you're free to dance, forget about your two left feet 
G           Am              C 
and you're, free to sing, your joyful noise is music to me 
G          Am  C                                                                   A 
free to love, 'cus I have given you my love and it has made you free 
(v3)my mind finds hard to believe that 
You'd become humanity and 
change the course of history 
because you loved me so 
(v4)and my heart cannot understand why You'd 
accept me as I am,  but you see 
You've always had a plan and that's 
all I need to know 
so when I am consumed by what the world will say 
(it's) then You're singin to me as You remove my chains 
F            Am                   C            G 
free from worry, free from envy and denial 
Am                 G           C           A      Am 
free to laugh, free to give, free to smile 

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