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Larry Sparks

Larry Sparks

Casualty Of War

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Larry Sparks - Casualty Of War

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Intro: D    

D                                       G             D 
Well he called her on the telephone two weeks ago to- -day  
                                                  A         A7 
He said now don't you worry mom, I promise I'm o- -kay   
D                                   G                 D 
She tried hard to hide from him her tears and all her pain  
    G                 D                        A7              D 
But he could read be- -tween the lines and the miles so far a- -way   

D                                        G                  D 
She had never tried to tell him, how she hoped he would not go  
                                                        A       A7 
To join the fight for freedom, and the country he loved so   
   D                                 G                  D 
He said I called to tell you, what I knew you'd want to know  
        G                    A7              D         D7 
That in just two weeks, dear mom, I'm coming home   

        G                                D                D7 
And she could not believe the words, her precious son did say  
        G                                         D  A7   D 
She had dreamed of seeing him again, how it would be only days  
        G                                                   D 
And she wondered how this day could be, a million times be- -fore   
                                           A7               D 
Just to know her one and only son would be coming home from war 

D                                   G                 D 
Five days later she was home when a knock came on her door  
                                               A           A7 
And there she found two officers, in army uni- -forms   
           D                                         G                    D 
With their heads bowed low, their hats in hands, she knew what they would say  
    G            D                 A7                D 
I'm sorry to in- -form you, he was killed in war to- -day   

D                                           G                   D 
The neighbors came to see the cause for the cry they heard that day  
                                                           A         A7 
For a mother's life was shattered as the two men walked a- -way   
    D                             G                 D 
And no one could help her, as she cried such bitter tears  
        G              D                  A7               D         D7 
She was begging God to give him back, the son she loved so dear   

        G                                D 
And she could not believe the words, the officers did say  
        G                                           D  A7       D 
She had dreamed to see her son again but hoped it'd be not this way  
    G                                                     D 
She wondered how this day could feel, a million times be- -fore   
                                              A7          D 
But she prayed they'd never bring him home, a casualty of war

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