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Van der Graaf Generator - Sleepwalkers

Tom: D

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  			Intro Dm  C  Bb  C 

   Dm          C        Bb   C         
At night, this mindless army 
        Dm     C     Bb   C 
Ranks unbroken by dissent 
   Dm    C    Bb 
Is moved into action 
                        Am      Bb  C 
And their pace does not relent 

   Dm         C        Bb      C 
In step, with great precision 
      Dm      C      Bb    C 
These dancers of the night 
  Dm     C          Bb 
Advance against the darkness - 
How implacable their might! 
Eyes undulled by moon 
      Am            Bb     F 
Their arms and legs akimbo 
 Am                 Bb 
They walk and live, hoping soon 
   Am                Bb         C    Dm 
To surface from this limbo 

Am                 G                      F 
Their minds, anticipating the dawn of the day 
G                       F                    Em 
Shall never know what's waiting mere insight away 
    F        Dm 
Too far, too soon 

       Dm        C     Bb 
Senses dimmed in semi-sentience 
     Dm          C         Bb 
Only wheeling through this plane 
     Dm         C      Bb 
Only seeing fragmented images 
                             Am    Bb  C 
Prematurely curtailed by the brain 

        Dm       C      Bb 
But breathing, living, knowing 
        Dm      C    Bb 
In some measure at least 
    Dm         C         Bb 
The soul which roots the matter 
Of both Beauty and the Beast 

     Am                      Bb 
From what tooth or claw does murder spring 
     Am                        Bb         F 
From what flesh and blood does passion? 
Am                                Bb          
Both cut through the air with the pendulum's swing 
   Am                  Bb       C    Dm 
In deadly but delicate fashion 

Am                 G                       F 
And every range of feeling is there in the dream 
G                 F                           Em 
And every logic's reeling in the force of the scream 
    F      Dm 
The senses sting 

Am                  G                     F 
And though I may be dreaming and reality stalls 
G               F                           Em 
I only know the meaning of sight and that's all 
F   E      Dm      D 
And that's nothing 

       D          A     Dm  A  Am  Ab 
The columns of the ni-ght ad-van-ce 
       D      A     Dm   A   Am  Ab 
Infectiously, their cryp-tic dan-ce 
D       A        Ab  Am   Ab 
Gathers converts to the fold - 
Ab      G                   Ab         G 
In time the whole raw world will pace these same steps 
On into the same bitter end 

( Eb  Eb7  Ab  C#  Ab ) 
( Eb  Eb7  Ab  Fm  G ) 
( G7  Cm  Dm  F  Am  C  B ) 

D                Am      Ab      G 
Somnolent muster now the dancing dead 
D                   Am       Ab     G 
Forsake the shelter of their secure beds 
D           Am            Ab          G 
Awaken to a slumber whose depths they dread 
          Ab                G                 
As if the ground they tread would give way 
  C          E               Ab       G 
Beneath the solemn weight of their conception 

I'd search the hidden corners 
Of all this world 
       A                   D 
Make reason of the sensory whorl 
C#m           Am 
If I only had time 
                      B  Am 
But soon the dream is en-ded 

( Dm  G  F  D ) 
( Dm  D  C  Bb ) 
( D  C  D  Bb  C ) 

  Dm       C        Bb       C 
Tonight, before you lay down 
        Dm       C       Bb     C 
To the sweetness of your sleep 
       Dm       C       Bb 
Do you question your surrender 
                         A    Bb    C 
To the drop from Lover's Leap 
            Dm        C     Bb   C 
Or does the anaesthetic darkness 
     Dm          C     Bb     C 
Take hold on its very own? 
          Dm   C         Bb 
Does your body rise in service 
                        A      Bb   C 
With not one dissenting groan? 

A            Bb 
These waking dreams of life and death 
In the mirror 
                Bb        F 
Are twisted and buckled 
A                 Bb 
Lashes flicker, a catch of breath 
A                     Bb       C  Dm 
Skin whitening at the knuckles 

Am               G                                 F 
The army of sleepwalkers shake their limbs and are loose 
G                 F                         E 
And though I am a talker, I can phrase no excuse 
F           D 
Not to rise again 

       D             A     Dm   A  Am  Ab 
In the Chorus of the night-time I belong 
    D                 A     Dm      A   Am    Ab        
And I, like you, must dance to that moonlight song 
D          A     Ab  G    Ab              G 
And in the end I too must pay the cost of this life 
Ab             G 
If all is lost none is known 
    C            E               A     D 
And how could we lose what we've never owned? 

C                                               E 
Oh, I'd search out every knowledge that I could find 
   A                         D 
Unravel all the mysteries of mind 
If I only had time 
If I only had time 
                    Bm   A 
But soon my time is ended 

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