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Id make a guitar pro out of this but i suck at doing all the tempos and strumming and  
so i decided to just write it down here. Its not 100% correct, but its accurate enough so  
can guide yourself. Im feeling lazy atm so youre gonna have to figure the strumming out yourself. 

A star under number = PM, figure out the hammer ons and pull offs, or dont even use em,  
its not that hard to figure out the things -.- 
r = let ring 

Intro (the funny drum/hip hop beat thingy) 
(Guitar 1) 


(Both Guitars) Figure out strumming 
E|--------------| B|--------------| G|--------------| D|---0---8------| A|---0---8------| D|---0---8------|
(Guitar 1) This is when he repeats "a little bit, a little more" or whatever he says... this part is wrong. But i couldnt figure it out, please post the correct way in a if you get to figure it out.
E|------------------------| B|------------------------| G|-10-9-12-12-10-9-8-8----| D|------------------------| A|------------------------| D|------------------------|
(x4) (Guitar 2) This part is also quite incorrect. I have two ways. Its either This or This switching to 5 staying in 8 E|--------| E|-------| B|--------| B|-------| G|--------| G|-------| D|--8--5--| D|---8---| A|--8--5--| A|---8---| D|--8--5--|(x4) D|---8---|(x4) Use whichever sounds best or if you can figure the correct way out, please post this too a comment. Play the whole verse twice. preChorus(?) or whatever you wanna call this part. (both guitars) Switch when he changes from clean to screamo and screamo to clean.
E|--------| G|--------| B|--------| D|-5--0---| A|-5--0---| D|-5--0---|
(x2) * * End with
E|------| G|------| B|------| D|--7---| A|--5---| D|--5---|
r Chorus(?) (You will not die part) (Both guitars)
E|------| G|------| B|------| D|--0---| A|--0---| D|--0---|
Then he sustains a "die" in a high note (which is cool) Then goes the verse again and now goes the breakdown. Breakdown (first part) (Both guitars) I think.... And i believe it alters in the second time. Not sure what it though.
E|----------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------| A|------7-7-8-----8-8-10-----10-10-8-----8-8-7--| D|--0-0-------0-0-------0-0-------0-0-----------|
(x4) * * * * * * * * Breakdown (second part)
E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------7-8-10--------10-8-7---------12-10-8-10-8-7---------10-8-7-8-7--| D|-0-0-0-0-------0-0-0-0--------8-8-8-8----------------8-8-8-8-------------|
(x4) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * r Not sure if the other guitar does the same or just does the mute chords, like this E|----------| E|----------| G|----------| G|----------| B|----------| B|----------| D|----------| D|----------| A|-0-0-0-0--| A|-8-8-8-8--| D|-0-0-0-0--|(x2) D|-8-8-8-8--|(x2 * * * * * * * * You play those chords when guitar one mutes. After that goes the Chorus, and youre done! I suggest you try both options in everything i gave two options. Sorry i had to make you figure all the strummings out, its easy to do it though. Credits: Myself for making the tab * for having the website and allowing me to post this. you for using and maybe fixing this. Disclaimer: I do not own this song or the band who played it, however i do own this tab did make it. I am in no way affiliated with the band. Please use this only for personal Do not violate the copyright. Hehe self made disclaimer. x_x

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