Abundant Life Music

Abundant Life Music

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nível expert
[Intro    ]G2    Bm7(add4)    x2  

Verse 1  

Your power is my power now,  
Your love is my love too.  
My heart is Your heart beating,  
my life is over to You.  


C                     G/B      G 
I dare to pray this prayer....  
           Asus4    A 
grant me this  

D G I want to see what You see, D/F# I want to feel what You feel, A/G G D want to carry Your passion for this world. D2 G Make my love deeper, D/F# make my heart stronger, Asus4 A G I will go for You, send me! Outro Gmaj9 Bm7(add4) Verse 2 G2 In Your strength I will go, Your compassion. Bm Your words I will live and breathe. G2 With Your truth in my heart, Your freedom, Bm more of You is all I need!

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