Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans

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verse 1 

C#m              A          
questions left unanswered feels like my  
E                         B 
prayers are hitting these walls 
C#m              A 
so I'm left here wondering if You can still 
E                   B 
hear me, hear me at all 
A              B               C#m 
I've been here so long that my faith is  
        E     A                 B 
getting weak, so I just have to believe 

A E maybe You're speaking through the silence C#m B maybe it's all I need to hear A E give me the patience in it's quiet B A I need to rest here and be okay C#m A E B to wait verse 2 C#m A E my frail souls guarded when did I start not B believing that You C#m A that You are who You promised You'll be E B faithful to finish what You said You would do A B although right now I can't hear You speaking A B I will choose to believe Bridge A C#m E and wait for You, as long as it takes B A C#m I will wait I wait for You E B as long as it takes, I will wait

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