Brad Hines

Brad Hines

The Way It All Went Down
nível iniciante
Capo 2 

The verses and choruses vary in length through out the song.  Just have to  
listen to the CD to figure out the timing. 

Verse: G-D-Em-C-G-D 
Chorus: C-D-G-G/F#-Em(repeat as needed) ending with C-D-G 

Between verses he will hang on the G chord and release the top E then hammer  
back down. 

Intro: G-D-A-G(single chord strikes) 

G                     D 
Johnny was a sinner.  Jimmy was a saint 
Em           C 
One thing in common 
G                 D 
Both in love with Kate 
G                         D 
Kate she was a beauty and her daddy 
Owned a bank 
    Em          C         G             D 
Her momma was a woman of unquestionable faith  

C D G G/F# Em Me I’m just a witness nobody knows about C D G G/F# The only one who really knows the way it Em C All went down D G The way it all went down Kate she lusted Johnny though her heart Belonged to Jim Johnny hated Jimmy But Jimmy prayed for him We all grew up together and them three They once was friends But life gets complicated when Time takes what’s innocent (chorus) Me my plan was simple I’d be leaving this old town I’d be sitting pretty now except For how it all went down How it all went down Johnny obsessed on Katy To the point it drove him mad Though he really didn’t love her She was a prize he couldn’t let old Jimmy have Johnny knew Kate’s daddy would Never give her hand to A high school drop out from the wrong side of the tracks (chorus) Johnny got an idea to steal old Jimmy’s gun Rid himself of two By killing only one When it all was over the way it would work out He’d be there for Kate and her momma When it all went down When it all went down Johnny called Kate’s daddy Didn’t leave his name He just said come quick man Something’s happening at your bank That banker he came running Johnny stepped out of the dark With old Jimmy’s rifle put a bullet through that man’s heart The police arrested Jimmy When somebody found his gun Not far from the body Tucked underneath some truck (chorus) Johnny could a won an Oscar when they buried Katy’s dad Jimmy in that jail cell Johnny holding Katy’s hand Holding Katy’s hand My name is Ronnie Calwain And I’m here to testify You see I watch old Johnny shoot that man From inside the bank that night He didn’t know I was in there He thought nobody saw If I could live with what I seen me and that money We’d still be gone (chorus) But I ain’t never heard nobody Who could watch a good many fry For something that he didn’t do Man I’d rather do my time So put me in that jail cell now Tonight I will sleep sound Know’n I set the record straight That’s how it all went down I swear That’s how it all went down

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