Brian and Jenn Johnson

Brian and Jenn Johnson

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Cm         Bb 
I get caught up 
  Gm         F     Eb 
In all these petty things 
      Cm             Bb         F 
Losing sight of what matters to you 
   Cm       Bb 
But then you come 
   Gm       F      Eb 
And take me by the hand 
        Cm        Bb        F 
You say, (come up here with me) 

And then my feet came off the ground 
You lifted me above the clouds 
    Bb/D                                Eb 
As i  look down the whole world seems so small 
Past the stars through space and time     
And i forget what's left behind 
      Bb/D                         Eb 
As i'm  surrounded by these grander things 
Up here in perfect harmony 
You're orchestrating galaxies 
       Bb/D                          Bb 
They're  lighting up as fas as i can see 
           Eb    F    Bb/D    Eb 
The majesty 
           Eb    F    Bb/D    Eb 
The mystery 

    Cm      Bb 
Your gravity 
Gm       F        Eb 
Pulls me close to you 
    Cm    Bb      F 
And i can breathe again 
Cm        Bb 
Here with you 
        Gm      F       Eb 
There's nothing more to say 
         Cm         Bb          F 
And it's clear what matters to you 

Cm     Bb 
Gm    F        Eb 
 high above it all 
Cm     Bb      F 
 sovereign you are 
Cm    Bb 
I can rest 
       Gm       F       Eb 
'cause it's all in your hands 
Cm    Bb       F 
 sovereign you are

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