Dead Ends
nível fácil
Intro: Dm (x4)

verse 1 
Dm  F   Am       C 
Shi-ver-ing, I'm looking in at 
Gm          F         C 
People that I call my friends 
       Dm  F   Am           C 
Just a sil-hou-ette, with a cigarette, and 
Gm F          A 
No idea who I am 

A# There were songs, in these eyes Dm F A F Now they're gone, if only I had held the light in F G A# Ahh, Oh Oh Oh verse 2 Dm F Am C Flesh and teeth, they are smiling and so Gm F A Happy to burn through their time Dm F G And I don't know when Am A But I lost the will to save her mind Bridge Dm F Am C Now they're all, stumbling to some other house A# F C Though I've tried, I can't find, any interest now Dm F Am C It takes, the guilt of just a small mistake A# F C Dm To puncture the joy so it's poisoned by doubt, by doubt Break Dm F Dm A# Dm Ahh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh Ohh Ohh verse 3 Dm F I just wanted to face Dm F A# The expanse but those dead ends have come to haunt me Dm I have tried to understand F A# How I should operate this body Dm But I was wrong F A# If only I had held the light in A Dm The darkness would be gone

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